The Tampa Bay Rays pulled off an incredible win Saturday night over the Los Angeles Dodgers in game four of the World Series.

All hell broke loose at the bottom of the ninth inning as the Dodgers made many mistakes, which allowed the Rays to stun them with a 8-7 victory.

Watch the incredible final moments below.

I’m not even a huge baseball guy, and I still found that ending to be absolutely exhilarating. How did the Dodgers allow things to go so wrong?

The game literally fell apart for them on one play, and the Rays have officially tied up the series.

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No caption can sum it up

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It’s pretty incredible that the Rays have one of the cheapest rosters in all of baseball and have managed to tie up the World Series 2-2.

If baseball was this exciting all the time, I might actually watch it on a regular basis.

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You can catch game five Sunday night at 8:08 EST on Fox.

Author: David Hookstead

Source: Daily Caller: The Tampa Rays Beat The Los Angeles Dodgers In Game 4 Of The World Series