Judge Judy Sheindlin speaks at a Mike Bloomberg presidential campaign stop in Austin, Texas, last month.

Judge Judy has a message for the Bernie Bros — over my dead body!

The iconic TV jurist, who is supporting Mike Bloomberg, says she is ready for a death struggle against Bernie Sanders’ socialist revolution.

“I was born in Brooklyn, so I have Brooklyn street smarts,” Judge Judy, whose real name is Judy Sheindlin, told local Fox 25 during a campaign stop with Mayor Mike in Oklahoma City this month. “America doesn’t need a revolution. … It’s the most perfect country in the world and those people that are trying to change it and revolutionize it, don’t have a chance, because I’ll fight them to the death.”

“Don’t get on the wrong side of the judge,” Bloomberg intoned in his trademark monotone. “That’s the message”

Author: Jon Levine

Source: NYPOST: Judge Judy Vows To Fight The Bernie Revolution ‘To The Death’