Democrats reportedly canceled some campaign rallies in Texas after a group of Trump supporters in vehicles swarmed a Joe Biden-Kamala Harris themed bus.

The bus carrying Democrat congressional candidates Wendy Davis, Roland Gutierrez and Rep. Lloyd Doggett on Friday was surrounded by vehicles displaying support for the president on the I-35 Texas highway.


My Canyon Lake, a local news outlet, reported the following:

A Biden Bus carrying several prominent Texas Democratic candidates from San Antonio to Austin on Friday was forced to cancel a campaign stop in San Marcos and at other events, including a rally in Austin, after dozens of vehicles flying Trump flags swarmed around it on I-35, sparking safety concerns

The Biden campaign responded claiming the Trump supporters put “staff, surrogates, supporters, and others in harm’s way,” according to CNN host Jake Tapper.

According to a Real Clear Politics polling average, Trump has a slim lead over Biden with 2.3% in the historically red state. Nationally, Biden leads Trump by 7.8% with less than a week before the election.

Author: Phillip Nieto

Source: Daily Caller: Democrats Reportedly Cancel Texas Campaign Rallies After Trump Supporters Swarm Biden-Harris Bus